Omaha Poker Strategy

When players first sit down to play, they will be required to post the equivalent of the big blind only once or they have the option to “sit out” until it is their natural turn to post the big blind. This rule is in place to ensure game fairness to all players, as it prevents the possiblility of players entering games in late position and then leaving before they are required to post the big blind.

The strategy guidelines for Omaha run into the dozens because of the number of cards in play and the two from four rule. To make a long story short, it’s generally advised that you stay in, if your hole cards integrate well that is, they form the beginnings of several good hands and get rid of them if they don’t. Remember, four to a flush in the hole is useless because you only get to keep two of them.

This is the same with the community cards. There is no point to betting on cards you can’t keep so remember: two hole cards, three community cards, no exceptions. Watch out for busted hands in the initial deal: two cards might start a straight and the others a flush, but there’s no crossover in that you can’t recombine the cards to form yet another hand, like a straight flush for instance. If you begin with an Ace and 2 in your hand, you have an unbeatable low unless an Ace or 2 comes up on the board. When going for low, beware of having your cards pair on the board! This can turn a huge favorite into an underdog. If you have the two lowest cards that are not on the board, you have an unbeatable low (unless four cards 5 or lower are on the board, which is very rare).

Be careful of raising with the best low hand: if another player also has the best low, you have to split the low end of the pot with him, which often means you lose money by putting more bets into the pot. Your high hands will usually have to be better to win the pot than in Texas Hold Em, with three suited cards on the board, you will usually need a flush to win, and with a pair on board, a full house is usually needed. If your Oncasinogames Canada opponents are raising, try to figure out whether they’ve been representing a low hand or high hand up to this point. You can often salvage half a pot with a mediocre hand if your opponent is betting a hand that can only go one way.Finally, don’t stay in hoping things will get better. If the flop goes against you, muck out because if those three cards haven’t helped you the chances are that nothing else will. The smart money says keep your chips for the next hand.